Appalachian Baptist Church – Greeneville, TN

Sunday night our meeting was rescheduled, so we dropped into Appalachian Baptist Church in Greeneville, TN.  It was a pleasure meeting pastor Tracey Jones and the church.  This is a church plant  out of Central Baptist Church and is only five years old and is doing a great job.  It was nice being a future church planter (me) getting to speak with a veteran church planter (the pastor) about some of the things he has dealt with not only in this church, but in the church he planted in Montana as well.  It was definitely a learning experience getting to speak with him and I am grateful to have met him.  I was able to ask him questions for about a half hour and just pick his brain for a while.

Thank you Appalachian Baptist Church for allowing us to be in your service, for your kindness, and to pastor for taking the time to help a young guy just getting started.  You are a real blessing.

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